4 instruments at once - my new normal

Hello friends!

The lockdown period has led to "new normals" for everyone, both during the past three months, and now going forward. #NewNormal

One new normal is the increase of online activity. For musicians, this can mean online livestream concerts, releasing new music online, virtual collaborations, teaching via video, and more.

I've been teaching through a great music studio called Joyful Sounds Music Studio, in Fall River, NS. Normally there is a student recital in June. This year it was done virtually, with students submitting videos of their performances. The staff were also asked to contribute a video.

(This photo of the staff and faculty at Joyful Sounds taken in January gives you an idea of the vibe. That's me in the middle masterfully executing a jump I learned while in the Cirque. : ) Actually, I couldn't do that again if I tried.)

So I took an arrangement I've been working on for my new album (to be released in October), and recorded all the parts my self! It's a fair bit of work to do something like this, but I think it's part of the new normal for me, and for many other musicians. #CovidCeilidh #Fiddle #CapeBretonFiddle #CelticFiddle

I actually think it will be quite useful to have honed these recording and video/audio editing skills, which I may not have gotten around to doing if not for the imposed isolation, musically and otherwise.

So I encourage you think of any new normals you may be experiencing, and I share with you my video of an original strathspey and reel. I hope you enjoy!

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Well, it was nice to see you! If you're a musician who'd like to try an original tune of mine, which I wrote to have something catchy and easy for students, you'll find a PDF and video demo of The Wee Reel here.

And post your comments below!



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